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Give-A-Thon 2017

Every year, the Malvern Public Library holds an annual campaign in which we strive to raise all the money we will need to meet our operating expenses for the year.

In previous years, this was called the Phone-A-Thon. But in recent years, we have been finding that patrons prefer not to receive phone calls.

From April 24th to May 7th, we are encouraging our patrons to donate to the library. Our goal for the year is $24,000, or ten percent of our total operating expenses.


Can I only make donations during the Give-A-Thon?
You can make donations any day of the year! If you'd rather donate beforehand, or wait a little while, that's perfectly fine! It's just easier for our accounting if we receive the majority of donations during a specific time period.

How can I donate?
We accept cash, checks, and online donations via Paypal

What else can I do to help?
On April 23rd at 5PM, we are sending out letters to the community reminding them to donate, much as we have in past years. We are going to also be making phone calls to top donors from 2016. If you'd like to help in stuffing envelopes or making phone calls, please contact the library to sign up!

Does this mean I'm not getting a phone call this year?
We are still making some phone calls. All of our donors who gave $100 or more in 2016 can expect a call on April 23rd, as a special show of our gratitude.

Wait, I've never received a phone call before?
In past years, the Malvern Library has only been reaching out to a limited pool of patrons. We thought it would probably serve us better to reach out to everyone!

I have more questions!
Contact us by clicking here!